Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Press Release Assignment 3- Draft

Feb. 13, 2008

Contact: Preston Parker, president
Cache Valley Area Investors Association
Phone: four three five- seven five seven- four five six zero


Logan, UT- The Cache Valley Area Investors Association has been created to help people learn how to invest and become financially independent. The group meets every other Thursday at the Cache Chamber of Commerce building. Becoming a member is free, and is a great place to network and learn new financial tips.

Preston Parker, president and founder of CVAIA, designed the association to help people who are looking for new options and opportunities.

“This is a group that will help people see outside the box. Whether you are unhappy with your job, or looking to become more financially stable, we have ideas to share.”

Preston believes that financial independent and smart is what brings true happiness, not just having money.

Each meeting Parker brings in specialists in different fields to discuss topics that one of the association members may have.

CVAIA was founded in August 2007, and has 40 members. The Cache Chamber of Commerce Building is located at 160 North Main Street. Anyone from the public is welcome to join.

For more information, please contact Katie Seamons at (801) 540-8521 or


Jackson said...


This was one of the better, more organized press releases I've read so far. You've got a good flow. My only suggestion would be to check out the fourth paragraph. First of all, you refer to the president as "Preston" when it should be "Parker." Also, it says "Parker says that financial independent and smart is..." I think it should be "independence and smarts." I don't know. That sentence just seemed like it needed to be reworded somehow.

Other than that, great work. Like I said, it's definitely one of the best.

Joe said...

You did an awsome job at having all of the information you needed it was a very easy press release to read great job