Thursday, March 20, 2008

Burger Planet Positioning Paper

TO: Burger Planet Executives
FROM: Fantastic Four Advertising

Mr. Mullenbach and the Burger Planet board,

We are pleased with Burger Planet’s decision to create more healthy options. We feel that this is appropriate because the consumer of our day has become more health conscious.

We have outlined some ideas on how to make consumers more aware of Burger Planet’s commitment toward healthy lifestyles.

First, focus on the new healthy menu options. By focusing on the new healthy menu options, people will begin to realize that fast can still be fast, without the excessive calories and unhealthy lifestyle

Second, use Jayne Petersen’s name to bring awareness to consumers about the recent Burger Planet changes. Jayne Petersen’s outstanding reputation as a health-guru is the perfect promotion for the direction Burger Planet is taking.

Finally, continue in customer satisfaction and provide the same spirit of service. Burger Planet has served 52 billion satisfied customers and with these implementations will continue to do so.

Studies show that since healthy options were introduced at McDonalds in 2003sales have not only remained consistent but also steadily increased, proving that healthy options are desired by the American people.

By following these steps we feel that Burger Planet will continue to be a giant in the fast food industry and serve the American people for many years to come.


The Fantastic Four Team