Thursday, January 17, 2008

Letter to Cousin, Assignment 1

Katie H Seamons
694 North 200 East
Logan Utah, 84321

Dear Laura,

Over the holidays we had a talk about the field of education that I have chosen to pursue. You had some interesting questions about what exactly public relations is and what I will be doing once I enter that field. I’ve decided to write you this letter and give you some specifics about the field.

One of the great things about public relations is that an education in PR opens up several doors and provides many opportunities. PR specialists can work for large corporations or design their own firm to serve their own clients on an individual basis. PR experience can also lead to work in the marketing field and other media relation departments.

While all of these fields can be branches of PR, the basics of PR are the profession of developing good relations between an organization or corporation and the public. This can also include the relations between an individual and the public. The job of a PR professional is generally to help create good feelings between two different bodies and work to make the media understand the situation taking place.

Most often, PR specialists give out information to the public or media in the form of a press release. A press release is often times written as if it is a news story and includes quotes and facts having to do with the topic being discussed. Press releases can be used for anything from informing the public of a new product, or to inform the public of a decision being made with in a corporation or organization. It is also the job of a PR specialist to help smooth sticky situations and voice information in a way that is not offensive or damaging to whom ever they are representing.

These really are just the basics though. Public Relations has several areas that can be included within the PR realm. I’m excited to learn more and I will keep you updated with how my studies go. Let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer.

Best wishes,
Katie H Seamons


Nolan said...

Katie, I think your letter was very well done. I didn't pick up on any mistakes and I thought the way you flowed into the topic was creative. Great job!

kjmatekovic said...

Your letter was very detailed and clear. Your intro to your letter was written very well. Good structure!
Great Job!!